Monday, January 20, 2014

Feathers Quilt A Long

So, I've been busy quilting the past few weeks!  I've started a lot (and I mean A LOT) of quilt alongs and block of the months!  I guess I love a schedule!  They also make big quilts, especially the complicated ones, not as intimidating.  The first one I'm sharing is a pattern by Alison Glass.

I just love Alison Glass' patterns and fabric!  I fell in love with the Feathers pattern at the Houston International Quilt Festival that I went to with my mom last fall!  The geometric pattern with bright colors really popped.  It also spoke to my heart since I have 2 sweet birds!  :)  So, when I saw there was a quilt along using this pattern, I knew I HAD to join in!

For Christmas, my mom got me the Michael Miller's Happy Tones fat quarter bundle that I wanted to use for the Feathers pattern.  (On a side note, she used Missouri Star Quilt Co and had the best experience with them.  The invoice slip they sent with the bundle was hilarious and we just had to read it out to the whole family as we were still opening Christmas gifts!  It really made us both excited to do business with them again!)
Aren't those bright colors so fun!
The quilt along is broken down in phases.  It makes it less daunting, for sure.  Here's the planning phase with a block map of how I decided to lay out my colors.

Then we jumped right into quilting 2 sets of blocks a week!  We should be finished with all the blocks near the end of February and get a couple of weeks to complete the rest of the quilt!

Blocks A & B

Blocks C & D
Blocks E & F
I have to say, I'm not sure I would have completed this quilt if I hadn't been doing this quilt along.  Not that it is a difficult pattern (the directions are great and I LOVE how it's turning out), but it's definitely time consuming!  I usually do big block quilts that go together quickly and really wanted to grow this year by challenging myself!  I guess that's why I've joined so many groups.  I am hoping to improve my skills, learn new techniques, and meet new folks in the quilty world!  I doesn't hurt that I'm going to have several beautiful quilts at the end of it all, either!


  1. Wow this is going to be so pretty! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. That'll be gorgeous when it's finished! I love how the bright colours pop off the background.

  3. wow!! great planning!! this is going to be stunning!! i have the pattern but no time right now, :(