Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

The Sassy Quilter
I was invited by Paula at The Sassy Quilter to join the Around the World Blog Hop.  It's a fun, crafty version of a chain letter, except all that bad luck doesn't happen to you if you break the chain!  :)  When you're invited, you tell a little about yourself, answer a few thought provoking questions and continue the blog hop by inviting 3 other bloggers who inspire you.  They will blog the following week about their creative process and keep the blog hop going!  Cool, huh? 

I was so excited to get an invite from Paula, because honestly, she is one of MY major inspirations for quilting.  I follow her blog and love seeing what she's working on through social media.  Her quilting tips and tutorials are always so great and clearly written.  The more I see her beautiful work, the more I think we are related because we have a lot of the same tastes.  If you aren't following Paula, you are missing out!  Go check out The Sassy Quilter!

About Texas Quilting Gal

Cheryl Camarano Watson's photo.
Hubby & me at SIL wedding
Here's the cliff notes version of me:  I'm Cheryl, a 33 year old, football loving, displaced Texan (but, only for 2 more weeks).  I'm a temporarily retired surgical nurse and a permanently obsessed quilter.  I have an amazing husband of 10+ years, who encouraged me to stay home and take a break from my grueling job for a little.  Unfortunately for him, I am way to busy quilting now to go back to work!  You can read more about how I got into quilting (hint: my mom!) and some of my projects here.
P.S.  My dog is the cutest E.V.E.R.

Triangle QAL top

What am I working on?

Paula hosted a Triangle Quilt Along a few months ago and it was a blast!  I whipped up the top in no time, but then we started getting our Kentucky house ready to sell for our move back to Texas.  I finally started quilting it yesterday!

I also just finished this super fun folded star pillow.  It was my first pillow cover and I'm definitely going to be making some more.  It's such a fun way to add a little quiltiness to your d├ęcor!

Photo: My latest experiment, a folded star pillow.   It was a ton of work folding 237  2.5" squares, but it turned out really cute, I think!
Folded Star Pillow

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

This was a really hard one for me, because I don't know that my work really does differ.  I'm always saying I'm not very creative, which to my non-crafty friends sounds crazy.  I guess what I really mean is I'm not very original.  I don't step away from patterns very much because of my type A personality.  I'm too afraid it will end horribly and I don't really want to "waste my time" with something I'm not going to absolutely love.  I do have to say that I'm not afraid to try new things, whether that's a new skill, technique, or tool.  If I see a quilt or project I love, I'll google the heck out of it and figure out how I can make one myself!

Why do I write and create what I do?

As a nurse, I definitely need to have my mind stimulated.  I'm constantly wanting to learn and I think the quilting world has filled that need since I've stopped working.  There's ALWAYS something to learn out there.  A way to improve your skills.  A new toy that makes life easier.  A technique that you've never tried before.  Because of that drive, I'm starting to amass a collection of projects that don't have a home, yet!  I'm hearing this more and more from the hubby, "That is really nice/pretty/cool, who's it for?"  And I have to sheepishly answer back, "No one" or "ME!"  I just love the process of making something beautiful even if I don't have a plan for it, yet.  I have the feeling I'm not the only one who does that, though!

How does my writing and creating process work? 

Honestly, there's not much thinking behind it.  (Is that terrible?)  I see something I love and I HAVE to make it!  I started blogging to stay connected with my family and friends and to keep a journal of my projects.  Eventually, I would love to start sharing tutorials and hosting quilt alongs and giveaways, but I feel I need more quilting AND blogging experience before people take me seriously!  ;)
That leads me to introducing a few of the quilters who inspire me to grow my blog and my quilting skills.
I first met Sally through the Houston Modern Quilt Guild (HMQG) where she serves as President.  I'm in awe of her originality and designs.  She's super sweet and her tutorials are so fun. I just love how she weaves embroidery into her quilting projects and that she strives to bring hope through her work.  Her beautiful spirit shines through her writing and creations.

Hilary is also a HMQG'er but I didn't get the chance to know her personally before I left Texas.  I've been following her blog ever since I saw her AMAZING Marcelle Medallion quilt.  Seriously, THE BEST medallion quilt I've ever seen!  It's definitely on my to-do list now because of hers.  She's also been selected to compete in Sewvivor!  Her nautical themed pillow is super adorable so GO VOTE FOR HER (she's contestant #9)!  :)

A while ago, I fell so in love with one of Shelley's quilts that I immediately went to her etsy store and bought the kit!  Luckily for me, she's hosting the Aspen Glow Quilt Along next month and I finally get to put this beauty together.  Over the last few months, I have had the pleasure of testing out her newest patterns.  It's been super fun to be a part of the process and I really enjoy the creativity in her patterns.
Well, these 3 lovely ladies have accepted the Around the World Blog Hop challenge and will be posting next week.  I can't wait to see their answers!  Thanks for letting me share these amazingly, talented quilters with you.  I just know you will enjoy their work, too!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ALYoF - August Goal

My excuse for being MIA in the blogging world- I've been elbow deep in unpacking/repacking, organizing, cleaning, painting, painting and more painting back at our house in Kentucky.  I have managed to sneak a little quilting in there along the way though.  I've joined the Texas Road Trip QAL hosted by Pretty Little Quilts and My Fabric Relish.  It's been so fun learning more about my great home state and putting together a GIANT TEXAS QUILT!!!!  We are a proud bunch, huh?
Deep in the Heart of Texas quilt WIP
Well, I have 3 quadrants done and while I'd love for my goal this month to be a completed, bound quilt, I know it's not realistic because..... WE ARE MOVING BACK TO TEXAS THIS MONTH!  Yep, most of our work on the house was to get it ready to sell.  Now we are just waiting for an offer.
My August goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes is to have the top all sewn together.  That's it!  If I get more done, that's awesome, but I'm eventually going to have to pack up my sewing room (I feel like I just got it set up!)  
Also, Paula @ The Sassy Quilter invited me on the Around the World Blog Hop so tune in next Wednesday for my post and who I look to as my quilting inspirations.  I can't wait to share with y'all!