Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop

Plum and JuneFirst, a huge thanks to Beth at Plum and June for hosting this New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop.  She has worked very hard to coordinate everything and I think I speak for all of the participating bloggers, we are very appreciative of this opportunity to share our blogs and learn from each other.

San Antonio mission in my Texas hometown

Welcome y'all...

Thanks for visiting my little blog, Texas Quilting Gal!  I'm Cheryl, and as you can guess, I'm from Texas.  Although I now live in Kentucky, the saying IS true- you can take the girl outta Texas, but you CAN'T take the Texas outta the girl!  God Bless Texas!

I have been sewing off and on for 7ish years, but I started seriously quilting after I stopped working as a surgical nurse in November 2012.  I was just going to take a little break but the hubby (and I) LOVED me being home!  The one downside was he quickly discovered I was spending WAY more money on fabric, thread, patterns, fabric, notions, magazines, fabric....... that he threatens me all the time with going back to work. :)  I might go back part time one day, but I have too much quilting to do now.

I first learned to quilt from my mom.  She's sewn for decades but really started quilting in the 90's on the very machine I sew with now, a Bernina 1090.  Since I've gotten more serious about quilting, we've really been having fun chatting in our crazy quilting language that Dad doesn't understand and spending time together sewing, shop hopping, retreating and festivalling (are those even words?)
Our 2013 retreat quilts

Mom and Me at the 2013 Houston Quilt Festival

My First Quilt...

In middle school, I made a very simple square patchwork quilt with Mom and didn't find the pieced top again until recently (it was lost in the abyss that is her quilt room, sorry Mom!)  It is now basted and ready to be quilted, making it my oldest UFO at 20 years.  I think it'll make the perfect picnic blanket.

My very first quilt ready for some free motion action!
Since my mom is 1100 miles away now, I've also learned a lot by participating in quilt alongs (QAL), block of the months (BOM) and online flickr swaps.  It's so much fun to interact with quilters from all over the states and world.  It's even more fun to receive blocks from Canada, England, Netherlands and Sweden!  I haven't put together my swap blocks, yet, so you'll have to visit again soon to see how they turn out.  I have 2 color themes going, yellow/grey and purple/grey, and have enough for at least 2 large quilts.

My Favorite Quilts... 

I participated in the Feathers Quilt Along using Alison Glass' paper pieced pattern.  My favorite thing about QALs is the motivation to get a project done, as there are others sewing the same section as you are during a specific time frame.  The other perk is there are some AMAZING prizes!  While I didn't win any prizes in this QAL, I'm IN LOVE with my finished quilt top.  I still need to quilt it, but am working up the courage to take it on with 6" of throat space on my Bernina 1090. YIKES!

Alison Glass Feathers Quilt Along
Another favorite is a baby quilt I made for my best friend's sweet daughter.  I just love Joel Dewberry and made this fun plus sign quilt with a fat quarter bundle I snagged online (don't you LOVE the deals online?)  The backing was my first time working with minky and boy is it messy!  But, it's so super soft and I just adore how the quilting shows up on it.  I had some extra fabric, so I made a mini doll quilt for her sassy older sister!  :)

Baby quilt for Miss Abigail!  Don't you just love the minky swirls!

Mini doll quilt for Miss Hannah

My Current Quilts...

Currently, I am sewing with the Deep in the Heart of Texas Roadtrip QAL.  Being a Texan that had just moved to Kentucky, I knew I HAD to make this quilt!  It's also a blog hop and various bloggers are hosting special city block patterns along the way.  I've just finished quadrant 3 and should finish this top by the end of July.  This is my first "scrappy" quilt and I'm really pleased with how it is turning out.

Starting to look like Texas!
I am also participating the paper Sew Kitschy BOM and the Sugar Block Club BOM.   These have really helped improve my skills, especially in paper piecing.  And, if you've never heard of Amy Gibson's blog Stitchery Dickory Dock, you're missing out!  She's so authentic and sweet and is a really great teacher.  Her FREE Craftsy 2012 BOM really kicked off my quilting again and I learned sooooo much!

Sugar Block Club & Sew Kitschy Blocks
If you want to check in on my projects, you can follow me on flickr and Instagram at texasquiltinggal or follow by blog via email or bloglovin with the buttons on the right.

Tips and Trivia...

Well, that's enough about me.  Here's some fun info for you!

Blogging Tip:  I'm the last one that should be giving blogging advice, since I'm fairly new at it.  I have learned to ask questions from other bloggers, though.  The quilty world is so nice and it definitely opens up conversation between bloggers.  When I see something I like about someone else's blog, I leave a comment and start a dialogue.  I've learned a lot that way and made some pretty great quilting friends along the way!  Also, Google is my friend!  You can find out how to do anything by searching on Google.  There are tons of videos out there on blogging tips and how to format things.

Quilting Tip:  Curious about a technique or LOVE that new pattern that looks too hard?  Just try it!  My mom has commented several times on how impressed she is with my bravery to try new things.  You gotta start somewhere, right?  I by no means am an expert, but I have really expanded my knowledge in the past year and a half because I just go for it. And, most importantly, we aren't perfect.  If you can't see the mistake while galloping by on a horse (another mom'ism), don't waste your time unpicking or fretting about it!

Texas Quilting Gal Speed Trivia Round

  1. Name & Age: Cheryl, 33
  2. Favorite Fabric Designers: Kate Spain, Bonnie and Camille, Joel Dewberry
  3. Favorite TV Show: Reality TV addict <<<hangs head in shame>>>
  4. Favorite Music: Praise and worship
  5. What I Sew On:  19 year old Bernina 1090, it's a workhorse and the only machine I have
  6. Favorite quilting notion:  Rotary cutter, Frixion pens, and Aurifil thread
  7. Superpower I Wish I Possessed:  S̶u̶p̶e̶r̶ ̶s̶p̶e̶e̶d̶y̶  Instant basting and binding on all my quilts
  8. Quilting Wishlist:  Bernina 750QE, sit down long arm, Free fabric for life..... :)
That being said, I'm looking for a new toy to make my free motion quilting easier (I need to start planting the seed to the hubby).  My 6" throat space is getting a little too tight for the bigger quilts!

My question for you is what do you sew on?  Also, if you free motion quilt, what do you use (domestic, sit down long arm...)? 

Blog Hop...

Lastly, don't forget to visit these other wonderful bloggers today and check in with Plum and June to see the past week's 2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop schedule!

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Thanks for visiting and y'all come back now!  :)

Love, Cheryl @ Texas Quilting Gal


  1. I totally love your rainbow feathers quilt, so beautiful
    I sew and quilt on a domestic machine a Pfaff Quit Expression 4.0 and I really love her

  2. Hi Cheryl. What delightful quilts you have made. I love your choice of fabrics. I have a 25 year old Bernina 910 and it works fine for me, but I don't quilt on it. I've enjoyed reading more about you and your quilting.

  3. It's delightful to meet you. I love all of your projects, and had fun reading all about you. I piece on an older model (1973) Kenmore, which is a cadillac machine, and am learning to FMQ on my new Janome Horizon 8200, my new sweet baby. I am also a Texas girl, living in the northeast for 6 months, and New Braunfels during the winter.

  4. Great introduction, with your quilts pictured you have great variety to your style. Keeping it interesting, trying everything and anything is also how I learned any yes google with a side of youtube

  5. Wow, you might just be a prouder Texan than I am. I grew up in Brownsville, TX and lived in Austin for 8 years before I moved to Memphis, TN. People who are not from Texas just don't understand the loyalty and pride that comes from the great state. I love that you learned to quilt from your mom. My mother wouldn't be caught dead trying to sew anything. I can't even take her into a fabric store...she gets bored so quickly. I love your Texas QAL. I was so tempted to join in, but I just couldn't add it to my WIP list. It was so nice to get to know you a little better!

  6. Nice to get to know you, Cheryl! I think it's great that you and your mom are so close and can share quilting as a hobby! Very cool! My mom also quilts and lives far away, so it is fun to occasionally vacation together to work on a quilt to gift. :) I FMQ on my Bernina 820. She is a beast and temperamental, but I love her and am excited about growing my technique.

  7. I love quilting with my mom and being able to stay home. Your quilts are beautiful, and I love that you are finishing your first quilt top. I tied my first quilt, and have frequently thought about taking it apart to machine quilt it. I do my FMQ on a sit down quilting machine, and totally love it!

  8. Love that baby quilt, beautiful use of colour in it. I straight line quilt on my small Pfaff and FMQ on my Husqvarna as it has bigger space to move the quilt into. Both are sit down domestic machines and I go from one to the other and can't imagine doing without either!

  9. Hey fellow Texan...even if you don't live here now. I am loving your Texas QAL, I'm not doing the city blocks in mine, but am making them for a wall hanging. I sew on a Brother machine and will be sewing on a new one at the end of this week if all goes well. I ordered one for my birthday. My is about 7 years old and while it still sews well, it is starting to have issues and I found one I really loved. I do quilt on a Handiquilter long arm. I love it, but I understand the attraction to sit down machines.

    I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

  10. I live on the opposite side of the country to my mum so we always send pictures of stuff we are making :)

    I use a Janome 6600. Because it's an older model it was cheaper than the newer ones (like the red Horizon) but still had the features I was interested in (large throat space, needle positions, auto thread cutter, separate bobbin winder/motor). I use it to do FMQ too. One day I'd like to get a Sweet 16. I really have no reason o upgrade to another machine for all the basic type stuff since my machine does it so I'd prefer to get something specific to benefit FMQ!

  11. I also quilt with my mom but she lives close so we talk often and see each other's project and do weekends quilting together with friends. Love that time together. I just purchased a new machine mainly to be able to FMQ and more throat space. I bought the Juki TQ2010 and love it! Lots of info out there on this one too!

  12. Love your work, that Sew Kitschy quilt is coming together beautifully!
    I sew on a Brother, and quilt on it too. One day I dream of having a Juki, but not just yet....

  13. "festivalling" - yup, totally a word :0) I sew on a Janome and I'm just starting on my FMQ journey too, so I won't give you any other advice apart from 'keep asking those questions'

  14. Your work is beautiful!! I quilt on my domestic and recently bought a Janome 8900. I had the 7700 and did not think it was possible to make it better. . . Oh was I wrong! I LOVE my Rosanne :D

  15. Visiting from the New Quilt Bloggers Hop, thanks for sharing your quilts! I sew on five different machines depending on what I want to do. I guess I use the Brother PC7500, the Pfaff 7550, the Janome Gem Gold and my A-1 longarm the most.
    Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  16. We have a lot in common! I am also 33, quilter, and from Texas! Plus I am in love with Aurifil thread! I sew on a Janome 3160 QDC and I love it! I LOVE those minky swirls! How on earth did you get your minky to cooperate with that!? I have done some minky sewing but not in that much detail! NICE! :-)

  17. OH I forgot to mention! I LOVE your font! It is so easy to read and so fun!

  18. Great learning more about you! I sew/quilt using my mom's old kenmore sewing machine. I've never even had it serviced. It's a pretty good guy, very reliable, and very loud! haha.

  19. I want that super power, too, Cheryl!! I lose so much steam when I hit the binding step : P Love your arrow quilt and the Texas quilt - wonderful color choices! And I completely agree with your blogging tip. This is such a helpful and friendly community : )

  20. Hi Cheryl! So nice to meet you. I really really love your feather quilt top. I have never tried paper piecing, but have been wanting to try something. Maybe feathers. I also like the black background--it's not something I would have thought of, but makes your colors really pop. I don't sew or quilt on anything fancy, I bought a Singer in April (my first machine) and it does all right for now, I am already starting to envy those with more throat space and room to FMQ. Maybe for my birthday... :)

  21. I saw someone else's Texas quilt but I only now had an aha! moment when I saw yours. It is a state map! The other was in too early a stage for me to see what should have been obvious!
    I wish I liked my first quilt as much as I like yours!
    Our version of the horse galloping rule is the four-foot rule. If you cannot see it from four feet away ... (Yes, bizarrely, we use imperial in the sewing circle, so it is not the 1.2 metre rule.)
    I sew on a Janome 6600, and I am very happy with it. I am a terrible free-motion quilter. I simply need more practice, so you do not want my advice on that part of the question. If you do upgrade, get the best you can afford so you can sew happily on it for decades (just getting it regularly serviced). My mum still has her ancient Bernina, but it is a very good machine.

  22. Your quilts are lovely but I find the font you use kind of unpleasant to read. In Texas I got fine for speeding. That is my memory of Texas, lol.

  23. Such beautiful quilts, and your BOM blocks are looking great! I only have one machine, a Kenmore, and I do everything on it, including all my fmq.

  24. Wow, beautiful quilts and blocks! That Texas quilt is going to be awesome and I'm not even from Texas. I sew and quilt on a crappy Janome and wish I had a million bucks just to spend on sewing equipment!

  25. Love your feather quilt top and I'm a big Joel Dewberry fan too (he was sweet enough to pose for a picture with me at Sewing Summit, blush) I sew on a BabyLock Symphony but have happily pieced and FMQ'd on a Janome 1600QC too.

  26. Okay, I just followed you on Instagram. We are totally long lost quilting sisters. I love, love, love Joel Dewberry and you feathers quilt is the bomb! Yay for being brave, too! My Janome 7700 Horizon changed my life.

  27. Hello, nice to meet you! That feather quilt is fabulous, great colours! I really admire your "just try it" attitude, and feel the same way myself. I sew on an entry-level Husqvarna Viking E118 which suits me fine without any bells and whistles. Yep, I give FMQ a go on it, still learning though.

  28. its nice to meet you :-) I love your Feathers quilt top - and I love Joel Dewberry too :-)

  29. Hi Cheryl, it's great to finally read your post for the blog hop. I'm a bit behind on catching up with everyone as you can see. You have some beautiful quilts and you're so lucky to have a family member who also quilts. I'm the only one in my family. I only started quilting 2 years ago, but when I got my new sewing machine it was with the intent to FMQ my own quilts. I have a Baby Lock Symphony and I really love it. It has almost 9 inches of throat space and comes with 17 different feet attachments including 3 for FMQing. Someday I'd like to try my hand at longarming but until then, this is a great machine.

  30. Found your post through Cora's Quilts. I really love that you're keeping Texas alive in Kentucky. I'm an Alabama girl, but like the old saying goes, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!" After 14 years in Houston and 6 years in Waco, I'm definitely a Texan now! I recently found quilting blogs, though I've been in a guild and bee for about 7 years, and I think I want to try blogging myself, but I have no idea if anyone will want to read what I write or even think it's good.
    I currently sew on a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0. It has a 9 mm stitch width and extra space under the arm. I find that twin quilts or smaller can be quilted (even free motion!) well with it, but larger quilts can get bulky under the arm. I would like to try a mid-arm, since I don't think I can afford (or have space for) a long-arm. I have sewn on a Singer and a Kenmore (from Sears!) before, and I just love the Pfaff. However, bee-friends have Janomes or Berninas, and they love theirs, too!

  31. Oh, my daughter would love your purple minky swirls. She's five, and purple, well... ;) Your feathers are spot on! My favorites are in the little picture - sugar blocks and sew kitchy blocks. Isn't paper piecing addictive?